Saturday, April 06, 2013

Back in Business - Hopefully

Tonight was do or die. I'd had enough of my recurring blue screen of death issues out in the field and decided to fix it once and for all. I set up my scope in the back yard, close to my home wifi so that I could download any required software and drivers as needed. Also close to a nice supply of Guinness which helped!

After receiving two BSODs while trying driver re-installs, I decided to snag my wife's laptop and install everything there. It runs Windows 7 like my new machine, but has USB2.0 ports as opposed to mine which runs USB3.0. After another BSOD on my machine, everything had installed on the other laptop so I plugged my mount and Meade DSI camera into it and gave it a whirl.


Ran perfectly. Saw the CGEM mount, saw the Meade DSI, calibrated just fine. I ran it again, unplugging and re-plugging everything back in. All good.

So, it looks like I'll be doing more dishes so I can use my wife's machine more often. I assume it has something to do with the USB port difference at this point.

Naturally, the wind is picking up and the clouds and rain are pulling in. I have a photo assignment next weekend so I I'll have to wait to get out and image something interesting. In any case, looks like I'm back in business!


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