Saturday, May 04, 2013

M13 Globular in Hercules

Another night of autoguiding fun and games. This time I royally messed up. PC could talk to my CGEM mount, could clearly see guiding images from my Meade DSI-C with no bluescreens. However, no guiding could be done. Tried to figure it out for several hours only to realize when packing up that I had not tightened the RA lock well enough on the mount. Utter silliness. Anyway, NEXT time I'll be set.

For now, here's an image of M13. It's a combination of 10 two minute exposures at ISO800 and ten two minute exposures at ISO200 for the core, merged in HDR software.

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Hairy Caveman said...

Put it down to experience! At least you found out what the problem was and know better next time. Nice photo! Kind regards, Brian.