Friday, February 08, 2013


Under clear skies last night (and some gusting wind) I again wrestled with my autoguiding setup. My new laptop present me with a blue screen of death which I click on the "PHD Target" button within the PHD app. It sees the DSI guide camera and brings an image down, it connects to the scope. When I start to calibrate, the PHD app locks up and when I kill it, a BSOD ensues. Outstanding. Third time out and I tried uninstalling and re-installing everything. I'm convinced it's a hardware issue.

Anyway, in between BSODs and system restarts, I targeted M45. The image here is 22 minutes of unguided two-minute exposures @ ISO1250. Stacked in DSS but processed on my iPad using the Snapseed App, which I like a lot.

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Polaris B said...

The colors are nicely balanced, Phil, and that is nicely deep, too. Who needs autoguiding? Seriously, I hope you get the bugs out soon!