Monday, January 21, 2013

January 2012 Jupiter & Moon Appulse (Closer!)

Same event but taken close to when Jupiter and the Moon were at their apparent closest (around 10:00 PM US CT). This image was taken though an 80mm ED Refractor - very cool to have both of these objects in the same FOV!!!

You can see the apparent size of Jupiter compared to the Moon here quite clearly!


AmyCharlotte said...

This image great, the moon looks so beautiful ! It's crazy how tiney Jupiter looks in comparison to our moon, even though the planet itself is so large. I'm only just getting into astronomy, and have been browsing different blogs that could help me learn. I find yours very interesting and am looking forward to your future posts. Amy xx

joseph chklovski said...

Thanks for sharing such a good news about this astronomical events. Really, It's such an amazing events when Jupiter and Moon apparent closest.

Eric Teske said...

Is that a composite image, or can you really photograph both in a single frame through a scope? Whenever I try using just my camera lens I have to expose the moon and Jupiter separately or Jupiter is lost completely.

Phil said...

Thanks all!

Eric - this actually really did happen. It does happen occasionally - just keep an eye on astro web sites and the news!