Sunday, July 22, 2007

Quick Moon Shot from Tonight

Here's one of the niftier moon images I took tonight. Did it ye olde fashioned way (because I still don't have patience to take pictures using advanced gear) - hand-held Fuji Finepix camera up against my barlowed 22mm Panoptic, taken through my 6" Dobsonian (no tracking).

Apparently we're in for a few clear nights ahead. I need to clean the corrector plate on my LX200 (again) because when using it last week I noticed some yellow (pollen?) splotches on it. Grrr - I only just cleaned it. Anyway, will clean it tomorrow night and then maybe take it out Tuesday night.

I want to try out the Virtual Moon Atlas. It's a freeware program that gives the user all sorts of great information about the current moon phase, including detailed crater and feature information, distance measuring equipment and other such tools. It can also drive the LX200 line of scopes, from one lunar feature to another. So, I'll connect the laptop to the LX200 and see how well it works... I've had the software for a while but have never really fully explored it. Now would be a good time, I suppose. If you want a copy, you can download it here.

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