Sunday, July 22, 2007

Astro Night a No-Go

Due to the bad weather in Texas, the public outreach night scheduled by the local Astro society for last night became a no-go. Thick clouds and rain on and off yesterday killed any chance it had. So, it's been rescheduled for next month. Oh well, that's the nature of the beast.

Also, looks like Mr Nagler has been at it again! I've been reading about the new Televue "Ethos", a new 13mm eyepiece coming out in the next few months that boasts a 100 degree field of view. Not bad, but it will probably cost an arm and a leg. The reviews on the web site are good, and Al's notes are interesting to read through.

Instead, I stayed home with my wife and we watched the final Tri-Nations game between Australia and New Zealand. Sadly, the Wallabies lost to the all powerful All Blacks, and now we go into the upcoming World Cup with much concern. While the performance of the Wallabies was markedly better than last year, we still can't topple the #1 world team. [Having said that, historically when New Zealand has beaten Australia in the Tri-Nations, Australia then goes on to beat New Zealand when they meet in the World Cup!) Still great rugby played by both teams and the Aussie tucker we had while watching the game (courtesy the local Aussie Pie store!) made the night a good one! (Pictured above: Pies, Sausage Rolls and Tooheys Blue Aussie beer!)

Speaking of sport, I had a fairly active weekend (which I really needed given the wee Aussie feast we indulged in last night. Yesterday I ran a 5K and managed to shave 1.6 minutes off my last time (the 5K I ran in Melbourne). Not too bad. The kids also ran a 1/2 kilometer fun run and they did well! Then this morning I rode 25 miles or so in the nearby countryside. I love the Sunday morning rides. I need to a lot more of them to prepare for the upcoming 100 mile Hotter 'n Hell ride that I signed up for.

Tonight might be clear so I may pursue a few new moon photos from the front garden.

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