Monday, July 30, 2007

Jupiter Tonight

No photo, sadly. Don't have the right gear. But if there was one night to take a picture of Jupiter from Austin this entire year, this might be the night. Seeing is about 4/5, which is a bit rare for Austin. Anyway, I took the XT6 Dobsonian out to check it out from the front garden and it was just amazing. The Great Red Spot was perfectly clear, in center just above the equatorial cloud bands. And talk about cloud bands! I lost count, and they were all swirly and wispy. Without a doubt the best view of Jupiter ever for me. I thought about dragging out the LX200 but I couldn't be bothered - too hot and muggy and setting that thing up can be a bit of a workout.

I also got to find M13 (globular in Hercules) from the front yard which was prominent, and had some minor detail (could see star pin pricks on the outer rim of the cluster). As they would say here in Texas though, "It Ain't No Omega Centauri!". Bummer!

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