Saturday, May 26, 2007

Zero Astro Opportunities

There has has been no chance for me to get either scope out lately. I've had to work killer days (and nights) for the megaproject I am managing, and we have had nothing but cloudy skies for days now. I need to travel for business this week and then it's time to pack for the trip Down Under.

That trip itself could make up for the lack of astro activity I have suffered lately. When I am there, it will be early winter, with cold, dark skies and Scorpio's tail right at the zenith! I'm taking my wide-field eyepieces with me to use with Dad's 10" Dob, which we both plan to drive out into the country when I'm there. I'll probably give Dad one of my eyepieces just so that he has a nice wide-field that he can enjoy (eyepieces are super expensive in Australia).

I'm really looking forward to being able to see the Southern Cross again. To me, it's just final proof that I'm back home again. I'll also target Omega Centauri and some other Southern Gems, and will hopefully be able to give Dad a few pointers while we're out.

So, it's doubtful I'll have anything interesting to post here until I get out under those lovely Southern Skies.


imjeffp said...

I'm jealous--the Teapot overhead and Omega Centauri high in the sky. Hope you have better weather there than we've had here the last 3 weeks.

Phil said...

So far the weather there has been good and Dad has had his Dob out quite a bit. I'm taking my Stratus EPs over there (he got some cheap plossls with his scope) to "enlighten him" on the virtues of wide field. Omega Centauri in the Stratus 21mm has GOT to be impressive!

Will report when I get back!