Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sweet ride!

Just bought myself a new toy! I've been wanting to get more seriously into cycling lately. I have a mountain bike which is great for off-road and track riding. I even rode a few road rides with it. But those big nubby tires and heavy frame were a bit too much for those sorts of rides (despite getting a better workout). So this week I invested in a nice new road bike.

It's a Bianchi Via Narone with Shimano Sora and Integra components. I got it from a bike store down in San Antonio, and that was quite an experience. They professionally fitted the bike for me and also installed the computer I purchased. Good service at Britton's Bikes! Anyhoo, I've ridden it a few times and it's fantastic. Very fast, very easy to accelerate and has a very smooth ride. The new posture (a la road bike style) will be a little difficult to get used to but shouldn't take long.

I've signed up for a 30K ride this Saturday morning to break in the bike. Can't wait!

Astronomy wise, the conditions lately have been terrible due to some storm activity in the area. I'm aiming to get out to the countryside one more time before our trip to Australia. Otherwise, the next time I'm under the stars will be under those in the glorious southern hemisphere.

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