Thursday, May 03, 2007

Been a rough week

Well, I just got back from a quick trip to London, UK. My grandmother was taken seriously ill last Tuesday and I flew in on Friday, getting to London on Saturday morning. She had a perforated bowel which in turn lead to severe blood poisoning, this in turn leading to multiple organ failure. It was pretty rough. My aunt, uncle and his girlfriend never left her side, and occassionally some of her friends or long-distance relations would come and visit her. She recognized me on Saturday, and could respond slightly to our conversations, but the next day she was withdrawn from reality and very much inside herself, either dealing with the pain or preparing for the next journey. By very early Wednesday morning she passed away. I must say she passed away very peacefully given the circumstances. She simply fell silent while being surrounded by her family. That's how I would want to go, I think.

I flew back home yesterday and arrived late last night. Our aircraft had to navigate some pretty severe weather as Texas was hit by some rather large storms, so the flight was very rough. I don't mind the turbulence at all and get quite a kick out of it, but it was somewhat of a fitting end to a very hard trip overseas. But, I am glad that I made the trip and was able to be there for her when she left us.

Rest in peace, Renee Shane. We love and miss you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

We are sorry to hear your grandmother passed away. It certainly was worth the trip over and I'm glad to hear that part.

We will say a prayer for her.

Scott Ogle

Phil said...

Thanks, mate.

Hopefully we'll get together soon - need this weekend to catchup on work and sleep.

imjeffp said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Phil.

Phil said...

Thanks, Jeff.