Saturday, September 30, 2006

Semi-Moon Phase through the Dob

Last night I needed to relax for a little while. Our youngest spent the afternoon in the hospital for what turned out to be a mild efusion of the hip (extra liquid there or something like that). He was great with the doctors, and by the end of the night we are out and he had a good diagnosis (nothing serious, but he needed some motrin for the next few days). We had planned to drive up north to an airshow in the DFW area but decided to stay home given his condition. I missed thge airshow last year due to it being cancelled because of the threat posed to it by Hurricane Rita. Naturally, today he is bouncing around as if nothing had ever happened. Grr.... Parenthood.....

So after all that I took the 6" Dobsonian out for a peek at the moon. Yet again, some lovely detail could be seen. The semi-moon offered some lovely shadow detail which creates a great effect on the rest of the surface from our vantage point. I took a picture of it using the good old hand held, unguided method with the digital camera and Orion Stratus 21mm eyepiece, and the result is fine. Click on the link below for the full-size image:

Semi Moon Full Scale Image

In the meantime, I have been testing the Meade LPI. Over the next couple of weeks I am planning a late night to try and image Saturn. With my LX200 RA drive repaired, and the scope performing beautifully, it's time for some decent snapshots.

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