Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Baby's Back...

Ok, so that title for a blog entry is a bit sad. Truth is, I took the LX200 out on Wednesday night and it performed wonderfully. Every single object I requested ended up slap bang in the center of my field of view. Unreal. That's how it should always be. Sending it off for a service definitely paid off.

Me and a new mate I've made headed up to the local observing spot. A few other folks were there. This new chap I have met owns several pretty nice scopes and has a box full of amazing eyepieces, mostly the coveted Televue type. He has been out of the hobby for a while, but brought his eyepieces with me for a look-see. The seeing conditions were okay, but gosh those eyepieces were nice. The 35mm Panoptic was just stunning. You put your eye anywhere near it and a window of sky is presented in front of you. Just amazing.

We checked out the usual summer sites, ate some hotdogs from one of the characters who likes to cook out at about 10:30PM each night we're all over there, then headed back home. The fella that came along is now excited about the hobby again and is probably dusting his colletion of scopes right now.

Anyway, coached soccer tonight and the team were a mess. They must have had rough days. Picking grass leaves, throwing sticks and staring blankly at the sky was the order of the day. One of them did eventually kick the ball into a goal and that was about it. Hopefully they play okay again this Saturday.

When we got back I dragged out the XT6 and showed my children Jupiter. My oldest could pick out the four moons, which of course went into a long discussion about why Jupiter had tons of moons and we only had one. When we discussed the fact that Venus had no moons, my oldest said "He's all alone, that's sad". Ah, the innocence.

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