Friday, February 17, 2006

Hitting the books

On a more serious note, I'm starting to get pretty busy on my next major paper for the Masters program. We're currently reviewing terrorist operation forecasting techniques, and I'll be focusing my term paper on the Jemaah Islamiyah group, based in Indonesia. They've been an interesting group to observe over the last few years, and they should make for an intriguing study in tactics and planning. I'll probably publish the paper here once it's finished (and if it gets a decent grade!).

If you're really interested about the sorts of papers I have been working on , you can check these out:

1. "Role of Afghanis in Terrorist Movements". (Term paper for the course entitled "Middle East Intelligence Issues")
2. "LAMP Analytical Paper: Lebanon Under the Hezbollah?". (Lockwood Analytical Method for Prediction analysis on potential futures concerning the role of Hezbollah in Lebanon and reaction of key regional stakeholders. This paper was written for the course entitled "Strategic Intelligence Analytical Methods" and was based primarily on open source intelligence.)

Although both of these received a grade of "A", they deserve revisiting, and I am considering applying the Delphi method to the second paper (which used the LAMP method) in order to keep it current. Intelligence analysis is quite dynamic - events change, people change, stakeholder interests change. An analysis is never final.

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