Sunday, February 05, 2012

Close Call with my Meade DSI

A few weeks ago my DSI decided to go into what I thought was permanent hibernation. My laptop wouldn't recognize it, PHD Guiding wouldn't recognize it. 'Twas the end of autoguiding as I knew it and I had to scrounge up some cash for something new. Well, I resolved the issue today. Simply uninstalled the Meade DSI through Device Manager (which was, oddly enough, recognizing it), then performed a system restart. After it restarted I plugged int he DSI, used the Force and the laptop (and PHD) Guiding recognized it! So, when the conditions are right, it's back to some serious astrophotography!

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Polaris B said...

Nice use of the force! I've had similar things happen, especially while moving the DSI over to Windows 7. Who knew it would actually work? And then, it does! A big part of astrophotography is this tinkering, I believe.