Monday, January 23, 2012

The Sun Today (Tin Hats On!!)

The sun today. I took this shot after work when I heard on the radio about some strong solar activity that could have repercussions here on Earth. On Friday, the Sun threw out what's called a Coronary Mass Ejection (CME) which is hurtling towards Earth and should be in our neighborhood sometime on 1/24/2012. It's the largest such event since 2005. I head heard and read reports that some airlines were working to avoid flights in the polar regions to protect sensitive avionics equipment. Still, astronomers are saying that Mars may take most of the hit for us due to its current location. Spare a thought for the Martians!

More info here:


Polaris B said...

Very nice image, Phil! It looks pretty quiet at this wavelength, actually. Val

Phil said...

Thanks, Val. Yeah, true. A nice image though.