Saturday, May 02, 2009

An Aviation Post Instead! :-) Central Texas Airshow

As well as being an astronomy nut, aviation also gets me going too. Today I took the kids to the Central Texas Air Show in Temple, Texas. The kids had a decent time but grew bored at the majority of air displays which consisted of WW2 and stunt aircraft. They did enjoy the Vietnam War reenactment, B52 and B2 flyovers as well as the A-10 flying demonstration.

For me, it was a good air show. I hadn't been to one in years and this air show had a good range of aircraft and was well organized. Highlights were:
  • Seeing a B2 Spirit and B52 Stratofortress fly over while on long-range training missions
  • The A-10 Warthog combat demonstration. I love this aircraft and this was the first time I had seen it an airshow. It's maneuverability took me by surprise despite how much I knew about this aircraft. Chatting to the pilot about his experiences in Korea and Afghanistan was pretty interesting too.
  • The Pitts Special demonstration. I'm a real Pitts fan, and the chap that threw this example around put on a great show!
Some highlight photos below. I took 397 shots today!!!! (I LOVE my Nikon D40!) Despite gray skies, which are not brilliant for aviation photography, they came out nicely.

See my best shots from the day here.

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