Monday, March 09, 2009

Globe at Night 2009 - Help out the International Dark Sky Association!

The International Dark Sky Association works hard to publicize the growing problem of light pollution. For astronomers and astronomer wannabes like you and I, their work is really helpful.

On March 16-28, the Association is asking folks to submit reports about sky darkness to their website for a worldwide survey. Taking part is a really great way to help out the wider astronomical community.

All you need to do is go out between these two dates, take a look at the constellation Orion and then compare it to one of their online photos. That's all. Easy stuff!

More information here.

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Jardmonkey said...

Phil- My son is taking part in this study with his class. Due to him losing his observation sheet, he will be unable to participate. have you made notes for the Austin Area from the 16-28? If so and you could help us out filling out days we cannot remember the conditions it would be amazing. Also do you have an email contact? I am an aspiring amateur and astrophotographer as well in Austin- just don't know that many people to share my hobby. Thanks again! DB