Friday, February 13, 2009

New Article: Astronomy Without a Telescope

In keeping with my IYA goals, especially with respect to public outreach, I have decided to write a series of articles specifically aimed at beginner astronomers. These are going to be more practical than theoretical, and will be based upon my experiences over the years. I profess to be no true expert in the field, just a keen amateur with a willingness to share my passion for the hobby with others.

So, the first article describes how someone can enjoy practical astronomy without a telescope. A lot of folks want to get involved and may not have the funds or the knowledge required to make that first important telescope purchase. So, this article explores ways in which the novice can get into the hobby without a scope.

You can find the article by clicking the image below, and there is now a link to my articles to the right-hand side.

I hope those folks visiting this blog will find the article helpful. Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comments field below. I will write another article next month, but not sure of the topic at this stage...


Anonymous said...

Very good article! I will print this out for my class! Thanks!
Jay P. in Wisconsin

Ewan said...

Brilliant article Phil! Perhaps your next topic could be on basic astro-photography. Whatever it's on I'm sure it'll be a good read.

Clear skies,


Phil said...

Thanks guys. Will add the AP idea to the list. I still think my photos are pretty ordinary but we'll see.