Sunday, September 28, 2008

M11 Wild Duck Cluster

While last night was a very clear night, it was a rather odd night! Either the light pollution at the local observing spot is getting really bad, or there was something in the atmosphere, turbulence or something... I couldn't get very good views of DSOs and it was a tad frustrating. Anyway, I set up for a few hours to practice polar drift alignment. I think I got there in the end, and managed to shoot a slightly fainter object than what I have tried before, the M11 Wild Duck open star cluster. (I am working with brighter DSOs first as I get the hang of DSLR-based astrophotography, and will target ffainter objects as I get more experience).

Stars are fairly pinpoint in this image, and it looks representative of how you see it visually. No real star colors but I don't think M11 is that colorful anyway. Myabe that's just me though!

Image Details:
8 mins, 20 secs total exposure at ISO800, F6.3
Processed in Deep Sky Stacker
Mild sharpening in Photoshop

Click on image for full size

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Ewan Bryce said...

A brilliant shot of M11 Phil.