Sunday, September 28, 2008

Capturing a Jovian Moon

As well as the M11 photo that I took last night, I tried to image Jupiter in a way that I hadn't done before - I wanted to capture one or more of its moons as well as the planet itself. It wasn't the best of nights to try it, as even though the SkyClock indicated 3/5 seeing, I thought it was more like 2/5. Anyway, below is my shot of Jupiter which did happen to capture Ganymede! I had to turn up the gain on the camera control software to capture Ganymede as well as Jupiter, which had the adverse effect of overexposing Jupiter itself. Still, there's some "okay" detail on the giant planet itself, and Ganymede is quite prominent in the shot.

1,788 frames stacked in Registax.
Philips SPC900NC with 2X Barlow
Wavelets stretched in Registax

Click image for full size

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