Saturday, June 07, 2008

First D40 Moon Shot

This shot is the best of several first attempts at the moon with the new Nikon D40. I was using an old flimsy tripod I found in our attic, and because I don't have a remote shutter release yet, I used the 10 second delay mechanism. It's not half bad, with decent detail shown. It is not modified in PhotoShop or anything like that - I just wanted to see what the raw image looked like.

200mm Focal Length (200mm Zoom Lens)
1/4 second @ F18

What I LOVE about DLSRs is that you can take snaps, see the result very quickly, adjust settings, take the next snap and so on and so forth. This really shortens the learning curve!


Jase said...

Hey mate, welcome to the Nikon club ;-)

One thing I'd suggest is to try to stick at ISO400 max, lower your fstop from f18 to around f11 which should still give you a faster shutter speed at a lower iso (less noise) and hopefully a better photo.

Course a could be wrong ;-) eheheh

cya, Jase

Phil said...


You've got a Nikon, too? Seems everyone I know has one!

Thanks for the feedback, I'll try that next time...

Hope all is well.