Monday, June 09, 2008

Another D40 Moon Shot...

Okay, a little birdie (nods to Jase) told me to use ISO200. So the skies were clear again tonight and took the shot of the Moon below. Much nicer result! This shot is without using a scope, so I can't wait to hook the camera up to the LX200 and see the results...

1/200 second exposure @ F6.3
200mm Focal Length
Slightly sharpened in Photoshop
Slight curve adjustment in Photoshop


Jase said...

Nice one mate! I like this one much better - less noise with the lower ISO :)
Wow - referenced on another blog - that almost makes me famous now right? ;-) heehe

You can go up to ISO400 without too much of a problem I should imagine.

Another thing to try is centre-weighted exposure - not matrix or spot. This just uses the middle part of the frame for exposure info - which is fine if the moon is in the middle of the frame - which it usually is for cropping purposes anyway eh. That way it isn't underexposing due to the large amounts of black....

*palm slaps head*

of course you're also using your scope right? so there won't be any cropping :)

We're in the US in July for 2.5 weeks (Lou is there at the start for a week extra for work, and I'm there for a week extra at the end for work) but we're in California so don't think we're going to be able to get over to Texas to visit.... not enough time....

Cheers, Jase

Phil said...

Actually I am not using a scope for these shots, just the 200mm zoom lense that came with the camera. I have to buy some mounting equipment for the scope but don't anticipate doing that until after I get back from Australia.

Pity we can't meet up, however we'll be in Australia anyway for pretty much the entire month of July.