Monday, May 12, 2008

Zero Astro Activity

Okay. Someone in the local area must have purchased a 20" Obsession or something. We've had nothing but sub-par (okay, really shitty!) conditions for stargazing the last couple of weeks, and the forecast is full of rain and storms. So, as I sit around waiting for the clouds to roll away I ponder about the next avenue of astronomy I want to investigate.

I've been looking at a Digital SLR camera setup for astrophotography, researching different cameras etc. I'm really tempted to get the Nikon D40 right now. Granted it's only 6.1 MPXLs but it's selling at a good price and will fit the bill quite nicely. It's not too noisy, rather lightweight and has some good features. It will also be good for family photography as well, so serves a dual purpose in that regard (at least that's the justification to the Financial Officer of the family!

Speaking of which, we had a good Mother's day with the family this last weekend. Breakfast in bed followed by a day trip down to Enchanted Rock turned out to be just what the doctor ordered (for all of us!). We also had some burgers at a place called "Mighty Fine Burgers" (wife's request!) and they were delish!

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