Monday, May 05, 2008

And another Saturn

I know I am turning this blog into an iterative Saturn imaging blog, which makes it a bit boring, but I'm determined to nail this planetary astrophotography thing!

Messing with different settings when post-processing the image. This image was taken two nights ago with 2/5 seeing conditions. I determined that when capturing the image, I could use the zoom feature on the live view of K3CCD Tools to make sure my focus was sharp as possible. It seems to work just fine.

This comprises the best 879 out of 1300 frames from a .AVI, just with different wavelet tweaking. I still have a long way to go through, need to get some extra detail!

In other news, I took the 12" Lightbridge out to the local observing spot this past Friday night. It was lovely watching the sun set and chatting with mates as darkness grew over time, but not-so-brilliant was watching the clouds roll in and screw up the evening! Ah well, thus is the hobby of astronomy!

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