Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Lunar Images

The images below are some of the better photos I've taken over the last month or so. They were taken with the 8" LX200 in alt-az mode, using the Philips Toucam that I acquired last year with the K3CCD Tools software package.

I have learned a fair bit about post processing recently, and now use the following process:
a. Use Registax to align and stack the images contained with the .AVI file I take with the Toucam. I use multi-point referencing rather than single point referencing. It takes longer but I believe it produces a finer image.
b. Still within Registax, I have learned a fair bit about wavelet processing. It's been really good to bring out those fine details in the images. I can now see better detail within crater walls etc.
c. Then move to Adobe Photoshop to enlargen the image, adjust light curves if necessary and de-noise.

The images are still not exactly brilliant but they are getting much better, in my humble opinion. Don't ask what exact regions or details they are, I'm still learning lunar geography and have been more focused on image processing for now.

The second and fourth image down were taken this evening. The others a couple of weeks ago.

Click on them for full size.

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