Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lightbridge Modifications

Starting to make some modifications to the Lightbridge, based on initial experiences in the field. The picture to the left shows what's been done so far, but namely:
  • Added Astrozap light shroud for greater contrast and mirror protection (Works nicely!)
  • Replaced advanced red dot finder with 8*50 right angle finder
  • Tilted focuser to a 45 degree angle, making it easier to focus at the eyepiece
My next round of modifications will include replacing the standard collimation screws and springs with Bob's Knobs as well as adding counterweights to the base for extra stability.


mark_smith said...

Nice looking telescope :)

Got any plans for tonight’s lunar eclipse. I am sadly clouded out here in Lincolnshire with rain expected in the night.


Phil said...

Thanks, Mark!

Same here. I am currently looking out of my office window at thick grey rainy stuff, which according to forecasts will remain in place for the next few days! Shame!

I hope the skies clear for you soon. Doesn't seem that you've had many good opportunities according to your blog.