Monday, September 03, 2007

Aperture Fever :-(

Every so often, the amateur astronomer goes through a severe bout of aperture fever (i.e. "I want a bigger scope!!!"). My 8" SCT has served me really well, and after these years the goto and tracking is still faultless, and the optics (despite a cleaning I had to do a few months ago) are brilliant. I'm very please with the scope, and will continue to be for a while longer.

Having said that, I'm really keen on something bigger now. Admittedly, I'm also wanting to get back into astrophotography. I sold some astrophotography gear but that's because I think I just had the wrong stuff. The Meade standard equatorial wedge was okay, and my Meade DSI camera was okay. BUT I really think getting a good high quality equatorial mount with goto and tracking capabilities, with a decent scope on top of it, will better suit my needs. On the flip-side, I think I'd be happy with just a big Dob and sticking to the visual stuff. I've been looking at the Orion Atlas 10-EQ-G monster, as well as the Orion XT-12 Intelliscope. Both are light-buckets, the former obviously being better for astrophotography while the latter will undoubtedly give me better visual experiences.

I'm going to hold out a little longer. It's possible this dire illness will pass in due time. But I have a nice bonus headed my way later this year, and I could still fetch a fair penny for my LX-200.
Maybe the seed is already planted and I just need to succumb...


imjeffp said...

Just give in, Phil.

I did. I just bought an Astro-Tech 80mm triplet refractor to ride on top of the LX200, or use with the Meade LXD650 mount I just inherited.

It's kind of reverse aperture fever, getting an 80mm, but I'm really looking forward to hooking the Canon up to it and giving it a whirl.

Phil said...

I was looking at the Astro-Techs, actually. Yep, in a weird way I've been curious about small refractors for wide field observing, mounted on the old LX200... Also been looking at some Williams Optics models.

*sigh* I dunno I may just end up with a new eyepiece.