Monday, August 27, 2007

Lunar Eclipse & Hotter 'n Hell 100 Mile Bike Ride

So, there's going to be a rather nice lunar eclipse visible from the US this evening and into tomorrow morning. In typical fashion it is cloudy, and I even saw some lightening while driving home from the store this evening. I'll wake up extra early and will see if I can catch it and take a photo or two.

In other news, I completed my first ever CENTURY in cycling! I rode the "Hotter 'N Hell 100" mile bike ride with some good friends this past Saturday up in Wichita Falls. Yes, it was tough at times but for the most part I really enjoyed it. I finished it in 8.5 hours total time, including rest stops, but figure actual riding time was around 7 hours. We rode pretty hard, but steady, to reach the 60 mile cutoff point known as Hell's Gate, before it closed. (This checkpoint is closed at 12:30 so as to curtail riders from spending too much time in the heat. If you make Hell's Gate by 12:30, you get to ride the full 100 miles, otherwise you're instructed to ride a shorter distance). Anyway, we made it with 30 minutes to spare and then took it easy the rest of the way. In my research prior to the race, I had read over and over to "drink before you're thirsty and eat before you're hungry". So, before and during the race I stuffed myself silly with fruit, cookies, pickles, iced water and Powerade. It worked, I didn't feel exhausted or dehydrated at all. Slightly sore waist and shoulders, but otherwise quite chuffed that I completed the ride and am now considering a second one in September!

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