Friday, April 06, 2007

My daughter knows me too well...

OK, so my daughter brings home a bunch of candy/snacks from daycare yesterday as part of the Easter festivities. One of the candies she pulls out is a pack of "Nerds" (little fruity candies available here in the US).

She starts eating them today while she is home alone with me and asks "What are these called, Daddy"?

"Nerds", I reply.

"What's a nerd?" She asks.

"A nerd is a person who is smart and serious but also kinda silly and goofy" I respond.

"That's you Daddy!" she says with such emotion and sense of discovery and realization!

I left myself wide open for that one. Time for some self-reinventing, maybe???

Hope everyone has a nice Easter/Passover/whatever you're celebrating!

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