Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well, that was easy!

Corrector plate is now sparkly clean! Followed the instructions in the manual (for a change) and no sweat whatsoever. Was done in about 45 minutes all up. The dust came off quite easily with the compressed air. However, I got a little freaked out when the can of compressed air put a little bit of propellant onto the edge of the plate at one stage. I carefully wiped it off with one of the little tissue pads I made. The isopropyl worked a treat on the layer of residue on the plate itself. After my handywork the corrector plate looked brand new.

Hopefully I haven't wiped the EMC coating right off the plate! I'll find out this weekend when I take the scope out - we may get some nice clear skies on Friday night.

Before (left) and after (right) shots below.


imjeffp said...

Completely off topic: Here's a video of Phil riding in the car back home. =)

Phil said...

Got to admit, I ain't 'alf bad am I? Reckon it's good enuff for making me own 'ip 'op band, init?