Saturday, March 17, 2007

No Messier Marathon for Phil :-(

This weekend is the Messier Marathon. I was resigned to staying close to town as I had two very late nights the last two nights (one due to a possible burglar attempt in my neighborhood that I witnessed, the other due to a little bit of partying with an Aussie band at the South by Southwest festival last night). Plus, this morning I ran a 5K race so my legs are killing me. The Austin skyclock showed clear skies but alas the clouds have rolled in. The observing site NW of me looks to be clear and average seeing, with so-so transparency (3/5). I just can't be bothered driving out there tonight - I'm well and truly zonked. Jeff dropped a line saying the conditions there were good, but again I'm just too tired.

Oh well, maybe next year. You can apparently do the marathon next weekend but we have rain forecast. Grrr.

On the bright side, Pakistan is out of the Cricket World Cup as of today, and India could be joining them as they were beaten today by Bangladesh. That gives Australia a nice fighting chance! Go Green and Gold!

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