Saturday, December 30, 2006

Gibbous Moon Shot

I have not had a real chance to try out the DSI yet since my last attempt. In between Christmas parties and other such events, the sky conditions have been pretty bloody ordinary.

A decent moon hung over the house tonight and I took the kids out front with the Dob to have a gander. They loved it. My youngest actually looked right through the eyepiece for the first time and gleefully shouted out "MOON!". It was a nice moment.

The kids ran back inside and I grabbed the digicam for a few snaps. The picture above is the best one that came out. Seeing conditions were 2/5 tonight and it had some mild effects on the moon. Still, a pleasing shot considering I was out there for only five minutes. Click on the image for a larger view.

I am still saving for a wedge for the LX200. I really can't believe I can take decent images without one. In two weeks I am off to the Canyon of the Eagles site and would love to have the wedge by then but honestly don't like my chances. I could try again in Alt-Az mode, even if just to get used to the DSI software and focusing methods. We shall see!

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