Thursday, May 11, 2006

Busy Days

I now have 1.5 weeks to wrap up my term paper on Jemaah Islamiyah. As always, I'm finding that 20 pages just isn't enough room for what I need to write, but I suppose that's the art of being a graduate student in some ways - write succinctly and to the point. But, trying to write about a terrorist group which is as complicated as this one in particular really requires a multi-volume dissertation! In any case, the paper is coming along nicely and I'll have it mostly done with a day or two to spare for editing.

Meanwhile it looks like the only way to watch the FA Cup Final this weekend is to pay $13.00 for PPV. I guess I'll be a sucker and do it. Problem is when I try and purchase the show I am told on-screen that the show is actually some sort of Bachelor orgy fest or something to that effect. Yes, pressing the right buttons and not surfing the adult channels! Hopefully I'll figure it out before the game. We've actually been growing more tiresome of the crappy cable TV selections - there is just not much on at all.

I also retried the Meade LPI imager tonight. Now, the little RED LED is not even functioning at all. Poor thing! Who knows when I'll get a new imaging system. Right now I'm having too much fun actually looking at objects, and I want to spend the spare money I've been saving oin eyepieces (Stratus 8mm is next!).


forsoothsayer said...

question: have you BEEN to the middle east?

Phil said...

A couple of times. Why ask? Offering to buy me an airfare for another trip? (Which would be superb because I just spent all my savings on a trip to another part of the world!)