Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nifty War of the Worlds Artwork

Most folks who know me understand (?) that I am a bit of a War of the Worlds fanatic. The novel is my bible, having read it over dozens of times, and I can tell you all about all the different versions play for play, line by line. I even own every one of them.

I was taking a break from my studies tonight and found a great write-up on some concept art for Spielberg's version. While the film is just FINE (not great, but not bad), this artwork portrays something much darker and more visionary that what Spielberg ultimately produced. (Yep, I think his film was a bit too touchy-feely. While it did use the family element well, I would have been just fine with never seeing Robbie again after the battle on the hill scene! Also, no harm in keeping the Artillery Man and Parson characters seperated). Anyway, you can check out the artwork here.

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