Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Been busy...

Sorry for not having anything to write here for a while, been flat out like a lizard drinking with work and school...

I've been busy researching Jemaah Islamiyah for a forecasting report I'm writing for college. A lot of the data I am looking for is pretty tough to find, and I'm going to some real extremes to get a really accurate and up-to-date view of the group and its modus operandi using only open source material. Still, I shall persist. I still have ten weeks to go before it's due, so plenty of time to find some deep dark info about these chaps.

In the meantime I've been assembling the parts for my telescope's power supply. I have mostly everything now, and got a great bargain on a marine deep cycle 12 volt 75AH battery, which I estimate should last about 38 hours of use with the scope based on the draw of the unit. I'll be fixing it into a marine battery protective case, wiring up four cigarette lighter jacks for the scope and other accessories, and will also wire up a power switch and battery meter. I should be finished with it on Saturday. SO, if you hear reports of a loud explosion in Austin, Texas over the weekend, it was probably me.

Anyway, this will solve my field power issue, then it's back to more fun gadgets like wide field eyepieces, binoviewers, and laser pointers. Gimme gimme!

Tomorrow night I am going to see a Melbourne band perform in Austin. The Living End is made of guys who used to go to my high school, and they were one year below me. One of their CD covers even has the school featured! Anyway, meeting an Aussie mate probably for a meat pie and then off to see how they fare. They are here for SXSW but are putting on a free show at a local pub.

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