Friday, October 05, 2012

M31 Andromeda Galaxy (Redo)

I'm much happier with this iteration. I used the Astronomy Tools add-on for Photoshop to remove the blue halo around the stars and shrink them from within the original image, and ran some additional subroutines to make the galaxy more prominent. I'll hopefully get some more data over the next few weeks, weather permitting.


anha liyannha said...

great photos M31 Andromeda galaxy..

i love astronmy.. im from indonesia :)

Phil said...

Hi Anha! Thanks for visiting my blog and the compliments. I would imagine that you get some fantastic skies over in Indonesia!

Kevin Denny said...

This is a great photo, Phil - absolutely stunning.

Phil said...

Thanks a lot, Kevin! I'm trying to get more data over the next few weeks to add to it. Appreciate the visit and feedback!