Friday, July 20, 2012

Lightbridge Modification: iPad Mount

I built an iPad mounting system for my Meade Lightbridge last night. I found an iPad microphone stand mount at the local Apple store, which is used by musicians who utilize the iPad for music charts, mixing apps etc. It was pretty sturdy, but I needed a way to mount it to the telescope somehow. So, I used two curtain rod mounts/brackets and half an actual curtain rod and affixed them to the Dobsonian base of the scope. I then attached the microphone stand mount to the curtain rod installed on the scope's base and - voila! Now I can access my iPad astro planning software (as well as some cool tunes, of course!) while I'm at my scope. This means that I can use the various astronomy apps that I have, such as SkySafari or Stellarium, with ease while at the eyepiece, which is great for star-hopping, looking up available objects etc.

I tested it out tonight under wispy, cloudy skies. The system worked well. The iPad was solidly held in place as the scope moved around, and it was comfortable enough to look down at it and utilize it for star-hopping as I searched for different objects. It was fun to have a lot of useful information within reach as I observed as well. It's a good system that makes incorporates my iPad and its great astronomical applications into my Lightbridge with ease.

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Jared said...

Very nice! Now you just need some DSCs so the two are integrated together :-)

I've been looking for a visual scope for a while now. I can't seem to decide on a Light Bridge 12 or perhaps a CPC1100. I loved my CPC (and wish I never would have sold it). But I like the ease of use of the LB as well (and at less than half the price!)