Thursday, December 01, 2011

M37 Open Cluster in Auriga

I love this cluster, and have spent a lot of time observing it visually. Captured it last night, using 5 5 minute exposures @ ISO500.


RoryG said...

M37 is one of my favorites. I've yet to get an image of it that I am happy with, though. Yours looks great! Nice, round stars.

Polaris B said...

Hey, Phil. Rory's right; this is nice. I tried this cluster with an AT8RC at f/8 and it was blown up so large that it no longer looked like the close cluster that we see here. The whole contrast between the cluster and background was ruined. You've framed this one perfectly. Val

Phil said...

Thanks guys!! I love my 80mm ED refractor coupled with my Nikon D7000. Seems to be a good wide field combination. However, dying to get a bigger OTA to go deeper! Thanks a lot for the compliments!