Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Dance of Light

An experimental shot. There's room for improvement, but I have been imagining this shot for a while. There are a lot of light variables in this, so it's a tricky shot.

This is Austin's Pennybacker Bridge. It's a 1.5 hour total exposure, composed of 30 second individual exposures. I was glad to be able to capture some boat activity on the river. Heavy road traffic!
Compiled in Startrails.exe software, then applied mild HDR to bring out some color on the foreground. Finally, some mild curve and contrast adjustment in GIMP.


RoryG said...

Awesome! I think you should do some more shots like this around Austin. 360 is one of my favorite drives. Great work!

Polaris B said...

I agree with Rory! I've always liked HDR for some objects, and night citiscapes definitely qualify. Congrats on a fine shot.

Phil said...

Thanks, guys! I only used the HDR software to bring out more of the foreground. I like HDR but not when it's done too heavily or forecfully - it removes the realisim of the image. Some other HDR type shots of mine here: