Monday, August 15, 2011

Astronomy Articles Redux

Two years ago, I wrote a series of articles regarding astronomy to try to help out with the International Year of Astronomy. The articles were very successful, each one being downloaded several hundred times by visitors from around the world. Anyway, they were sitting in a ZOHO web site, which did all sorts of bad stuff to their formatting. I spent several hours this evening updating the articles and converting them to more respectable-looking .PDF files. They are now available via Google Docs, accessed through the same links at the upper right of my blog.

To recap, here are the articles on offer:
I'm also working on some new articles which should appear soon, including how to choose a telescope, as well as astrophotography work flow. Stay tuned!

Additionally, I have done some work to  make this site more accessible. This includes:
  1. Making a mobile-device ready version of the blog which should mean less download time on your iWidget.
  2. Posting to Twitter


Anonymous said...

These are great! I've shared them with my beginner astronomy class here in Sydney. Write more!

Jeremy F.

seema said...