Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Great Day with Outreach Activities!

It was science fair day at my kids' elementary school today. Additionally, the middle grades were concluding their Solar System studies. So, I thought I'd help out a little.

In the morning, I set up my Lightbridge dob on the school field and showed the Moon to my daughter's and son's classmates. The Moon was a bit pale given the blue morning sky, but we could still see plenty of detail. The kids loved the view, and had lots of interesting questions. They also enjoyed checking out the 12" mirror!

Then, in the evening, the school held it's science fair. I set up the Lightbridge again and waited until dark. A lot of folks were interested and at one point I wished I had asked some local mates for a bit of hand, but this was an impromptu thing and not well planned. Still, I cycled through the large number of kids, parents and teachers and showed them glorious Jupiter. Big "oohs" and "ahhs" emanated from nearly everyone. They really enjoyed it. I showed the Orion Nebula to a few folks as well and they found it fascinating.

It was a great day of outreach and, as always, very rewarding from a personal sense. I am now under a lovely clear sky trying to shoot the Horsehead Nebula. If it comes out well I'll post it this weekend.

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