Saturday, October 30, 2010

Star Trails

Rather than study all night as originally planned, I decided to make use of the lovely clear skies and take a break. A hell~ish week at work and 20 pages of research paper writing effort steered me towards taking an hour and a half time out. This was a test shot for star trails at 2 minute exposures which actually turned out better than expected. I shot this about 15 miles north, where the skies are dramatically darker. If I could have, I would have recorded the sounds of the large pack of coyotes which seemed to be relatively close to me throughout my imaging session!

Image Details

  • Nikon D7000
  • Sigma 10-20mm @ 11mm
  • ISO400
  • F4.2
  • 28*2 minute exposures
  • Processed in StarTrails.exe software


Anonymous said...

Nice picture Phil. There were no planes going by, or they just came and went too quickly?

Phil said...

Hey thanks!

A few planes did actually go through my field of view. The full size image (too big to post here) does show their dotted lines but they don't show up at this size.


Roberto said...

Wooow! Amazing picture, Phil! Great work, it's really beautiful.

Rober from Spain

Phil said...

Thanks a lot, Robert!

RoryG said...

That is a beautiful shot, Phil! The colors are great! Nice foreground scene, too.

Phil said...

Thanks a lot, Rory! It was a great couple of hours out. I hope to get out this weekend and try out the D7000 on some DSOs...

Olly Hitchen said...

I've been looking for decent astroimages for a while now, when I came across this blog! Finding it not just inspirational, but also very informative! Loving the work (and the extra assistance)!

Phil said...

Thanks a lot, Olly! Really appreciate that. Clear skies!