Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Moon and Venus Dance in a Texan Sunset

AWESOME night last night! I went out to the Austin Astronomy Society's dark sky site in Burnet, Texas, and stayed from about 6PM to midnight. The sunset view, as evidenced in the photo above, was a great indicator of the night ahead. The Moon and Venus looked great after the sun went down, with the beautiful color banding along the horizon.

The night turned out to be a good one indeed. The Milky Way hung over our heads at zenith through most of the night, and the it was bright and showed lots of detail. M31 could be seen naked eye. I could not see Comet Hartley 2 naked eye but found it with binoculars easily enough. The temperature was just perfect, hovering around the mid-to-low 60s. The Draconids meteor shower actually put on a decent display, and I counted (when I wasn't working on my laptop or scope setup) maybe 5-6 bright, short-lifespan fireballs an hour. Very nice indeed!

I shot several objects through the night and will post images here when I am happy with them.

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