Sunday, October 10, 2010

M20 Triffid Nebula

Again, sticking around Sagittarius, I aimed for M20. It's an object that has eluded me based on both the lack of ability to get out and shoot it and the rubbish results that have occurred when I have been able to shoot it! I may be pushing it when shooting smaller objects with an 80mm scope, but this is my best M20 yet.

Image Details
  • Imaging Scope: Astrotelescopes 80mm ED Refractor
  • Imaging Camera: Nikon D40
  • Guiding Scope: William Optics 66mm Petzval Refractor
  • Guiding Camera: Meade DSI-C
  • Mount: Celestron CGEM
  • Exposures: 8 * 3 minute lights, 4 * 3 minute darks, 20 bias frames
  • ISO 800
  • Aligned and Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker
  • Post-Processing in GIMP (contrast, saturation and unsharp mask)
  • Noise reduction in Neat Image
Wide Field View:


Polaris B said...

I'd say go for the smaller objects, too. Then when you get your 16" RC you can go back and say, "See where I've come from!"

Phil said...

I like comments like this. I can forward them to my Financial Officer to begin sowing some new seeds for equipment needs! Keep them coming! ;-)