Monday, July 12, 2010

Kinda Quiet Around Here...

Actually, I should relabel the title to "Kinda cloudy around here!"

Seriously, it has been extremely cloudy so far this year. Each and every new moon time frame, we have been blanketed with high and/or low-level clouds. There have been no real opportunities to get out there and observe.

I even went to the Southern Hemisphere (Australia) and it was cloudy every night I was there, too. However at one point the skies cleared momentarily to give me a nice view of the Southern Cross. Still, what bad luck!

At this point I feel that I have forgotten how to use my astrophotography gear because it really has been a long time since I was out under the stars.

Hopefully next month will be clearer and I'll have something to post, image-wise.

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Sidewalk Universe said...

Sorry to here about the southern clouds, that is a shame.