Sunday, April 11, 2010

M37 "Salt and Pepper" Cluster

So the other night I never got to image the Leo Triplet. To test my guiding I did take some snaps of M37, though. This image is the result of six 2-minute exposures at ISO400, with two 2-minute darks and several flats. There are some nice colors in the stars, and the stars themselves are fairly sharp.


Ray Shore said...

Hey Phil,

You are doing some very nice work with your CGEM setup. I have a similar setup- CGEM, Orion ED80, and Canon XSi.

I'm looking forward to your Leo Triplets image. I just tried it this weekend but had some technical problems and finally had to shut it all down for the night. I hope to try it again soon!

Keep up the great work!

Ray Shore

Phil said...

Just saw this! Sorry! Thanks for dropping by and for the comments. Be sure to let me know where you post your images!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Phil nice pic! I never heard of this nick name for M37 - good one!

Hope your skies are clear and your scopes dew free!

Phil said...

Thanks, SU!!

Actually we have a lot of rain and storms here in Texas, presently. This weekend won't be good. However, I am off to Australia next week and hoping for clear skies there. I need to get my Omega Centauri fix!

Hope all is well with you!