Monday, February 22, 2010

Caldwell Catalog Update

A couple of months ago, I indicated that I would pursue the Caldwell Catalog with the assistance of my father down in Australia. I am tackling the Northern Hemisphere objects, and dad, obviously, will tackle those in the Southern Hemisphere.

So, we both have slowly hit the list and we're off and running. We're both using our Dobsonian reflectors with the aid of just star charts. No GOTO allowed! Admittedly, my going has been a tad slower because I have been more focused on imaging as opposed to visual observations. Dad has been plagued by bad weather down under, but he's moved ahead two objects!


Caldwell 8 (NGC559)
Caldwell 10 (NGC663)
Caldwell 14 (NGC869, NGC884) Double Cluster

Phil's Old Man and His Dob:

Caldwell 80 (NGC5139) Omega Centauri
Caldwell 94 (NGC4755) Jewel Box
Caldwell 96 (NGC2516)
Caldwell 97 (NGC3766)
Caldwell 102 (IC2602)

It's a modest start, but it's a start nonetheless. We'll try and get this completed by the end of the year...

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