Sunday, November 01, 2009

Jupiter and Io

I was messing around with my LX200 tonight and decided to shoot Jupiter. Seeing was rated by the Skyclock as 4/5, but I still think it was only at a 3 or so. I couldn't get a very stable image at all. Anyway, below is my best shot using my SPC900NC camera. Resolution is so-so. One day I'll get a decent lunar/planetary imager to try out.

I am not too sure what the dark patch near the Great Red Spot, probably NOT a comet impact!! Still, it's interesting. Also, it's interesting to note how fast the Great Red Spot itself can move around the planet. It seemed to emerge from one side at about 7:30PM local, then in the space of an hour made it's way half-way across the surface. Unreal!


Michael Harrison said...

The color came out better in your shot but for what it's worth, the seeing up in Plano wasn't any better. I wish I'd been out as early as you but I missed the GTS (Great Tan Spot). Poor thing's lost all its color.,-2009.html

Phil said...

G'day Michael,

I like the detail level in your image - for the process you used it's excellent! The moon shots were impressive, too.

The seeing here in Austin was much better tonight and I captured a better image of Jupiter. My SPC900NC webcam is okay, but its resolution is rather limited. I'll upgrade one day.