Monday, August 10, 2009

Where to Find Astronomy Bargains

Let's face it, astronomy can be an expensive hobby. The more you delve into one specific aspect of the hobby, the more you realize that the more and more gizmoes, gadgets, accessories and doodahs you need to get the job done. It can be a financial black hole...

Still, there are ways to cut corners and get stuff cheap! You don't always have to pay top dollar for scopes, eyepieces, filters or various other components. Below is a listing of current web sites that you might want to consider.

! Note: I am not affiliated with any of these sites. I have used them from time to time and can state that I have found some real bargains here.
  • Meade's Factory Surplus Store: Meade makes great astronomical equipment, for the most part. On their Outlet online storefront, you can find some good deals on scopes, filters, eyepieces and, if the mood takes you, apparel.
  • Orion's Clearance Center: Orion puts on some great bargains through their clearance site. Some if comes from customer returns, but some great deals can be found here on a whole range of equipment.
  • Craigslist: I am continually astounded by some of the ads placed on my local craigslist for various astro items. I have seen great scopes go for sale for very little money. You'll have to soft through the junk (think department store trash) to find the gems, but they are out there. Find your city and beware of deals outside of your city...
  • Astromart: This virtual 2nd hand market is a heavenly collection of used astronomical equipment. I frequent this sight and have sold and purchased quite a few items through it, and have always been happy with both types of transactions. Check out their friendly online community too while you are there!
  • Agena AstroProducts: A pretty good no frills astronomy storefront with good deals on name and no-name brand scopes and accessories
As always, do your research before spending your hard-earned cash!

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