Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Moon and Pleiades

Here is my pathetic attempt at capturing tonight's Moon grazing the Pleiades (M45) star cluster. I guess to get a really good shot you need to take a nice shot of the Moon and then superimpose it over a nice shot of the Pleiades???? I dunno. Shot below, 10 * 4 second exposures stacked.

At least it gives you an idea of how close they got to each other tonight.


Jase said...

Hey mate, I think that yeah with objects so obviously different in brightness two different exposures would have helped here.

You could then have opened them both into the same image - 2 layers and then you just erase the area on the top layer where you want the underlying image to show through.

That's the simplest way.

I think you could use GIMP (free) to do this as Photoshop is really expensive ;)

Nice seeing the photos and you got me thinking that I should get out my telescope (ok it's more of a Beetle compared to your Ferrari's ;) ) and show the kids!

Cheers mate

Ewan said...

Phil this is fab. I think you did exceptionally well capturing the Moon & The Pleiades in the same shot without added processing. You even caught some Earthshine in there as well! A difficult combination, but you pulled it off. Top marks!

Phil said...

Jase - thanks for the feedback. You know, scope size doesn't matter, it's how you use it ;-) Seriously, I remember dragging my 3" refractor all over the place a a kid back home but it didn't stop me from hunting down all planets except Neptune and Pluto, many star clusters and other neat images. Point it at the moon for your kids and you will be their hero!
Ewan - thanks, mate. It was a hard shot to take.